Turner Free School NEW bUILD wEEKLY BLOG

Welcome to our weekly blog on the progress of our new school.

Over the next year, we will follow the progress of the new building, sharing photos, videos and crucial milestones.

Our school will boast state-of-the-art facilities to ensure every scholar receives a high-quality education, as well as developing their non-academic qualities.

Turner Free School New Build Progress Reports and Updates

TFS New Build Progress Report - Week 5

A bright albeit windy week this week has allowed Bowmer & Kirkland to carry on development of the new school build with haste. Multiple new Galagher Group 360° Excavators are now being used to prepare the ground.

Turner Free School Groundbreaking Ceremony

Guests, Scholars and Turner Schools Trust staff stand by the construction of the new TFS building

On Friday March 6th, Turner Free School officially celebrated the commencement of building the new school site with a Silver Spade Groundbreaking Ceremony with CEO and Founder Dr Jo Saxton commencing the honorary ground breaking. Amongst those who attended were Damian Collins, Member of Parliament for Folkestone and Hythe, Shaun Powell, UK Training Manager at CIFFCO for Eurotunnel Le Shuttle and Councillor Ann Berry for the Folkestone and Hythe District Council.

Scholars were told about their new school building by the chief architect Eilish Barry whilst guests spoke about the construction progress.
Prior to the ceremony, Damian Collins took the opportunity to answer questions from Scholars about politics, parliamentary law and Government.

Scholars were given an interactive presentation on the layout, design and plans of their new school building. They were informed about amenities, benefits and tools and equipment they would be newly enabled to access once construction had been completed.

TFS New Build Progress Report Week 4

The construction of the new build has begun to incorporate use of the Auger, a cork-screw shaped drill which goes deep into the ground. This special construction rig is used to dig post holes or create a space for 'deep foundation', a compact type of foundation in construction which will provide a stable base for the new school building.

Use of the auger at the construction area pictured above.

TFS New Build Progress Report Week 3

Fencing, excavation and surface laying is in progress to mark the specific areas of the future school building. Concrete laid beside the future entrance has set in place and the excavation ongoing this week will serve for further setting and foundations.

The current building, marking and excavation is working around the natural landscape and vegetation to maintain the habitats of wildlife and birds as much as possible. The preservation of trees, shrubs, bushes and more will maintain the school's natural surroundings.

TFS New Build Progress Report - Week 2

The base for the foundation work and the building's fundamental positioning is beginning to take shape.

TFS New Build Progress Report - Week 1

Building work has begun at the site for the brand new Turner Free School Building. Working hard, construction teams have set the foundations of the work entrance to the new school.

Turner Free School's New Build Project - Artist Renditions

What will the new Turner Free School building look like once completed, and how will it benefit our scholars?

The following are artist Renditions of the upcoming school. Our school will boast state-of-the-art facilities to ensure every scholar receives a high-quality education, as well as developing their non-academic qualities.

One key feature of our building will be the Lecture Hall, allowing scholars to learn in a ‘university style’ format during classes. This will set the tone for the ambitious and academically challenging education they expect, as well as serving as good preparation ahead of the students’ future in higher education.

We will also have space for dedicated dining facilities. This way, staff and scholars may sit down to lunch together, building on the strong family ethos that is central to the school's philosophy.

Featuring a Sports Hall beside the entrance with modern equipment, the school hopes to boost the achievements of scholars in more ways than just academia, encouraging healthy, active lifestyles and dedication to extra-curricular pastimes.


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