Courtesy Of The Red White & Blue By Remy

Reason TV

2016 | Comedy

“We'll tap this guy's browser history, have due process decreased and when he bites a shape in Pop Tarts we're gonna call the police. — We'll put your name in the papers you'll be famous in malls and when this guy goes to New York they'll be cupping his balls.”


  • Remy's 2011 video "Raise the Debt Ceiling" had over 520,000 hits on YouTube. He was interviewed on several national news programs about the content of the song as well as his views about the debt ceiling.
  • Since 2010, Munasifi has partnered with Reason TV and the Reason Foundation to create libertarian parody videos.
  • Check out our page on his song People Will Die.


Luke Tatum

A favorite Remy tune of mine. We've probably all seen the memes to this effect. "What are our freedoms doing in the middle east?!" and so forth. More political theater! Terrorists could maybe attack the US, so therefore every single person must be subject to insane levels of privacy violation. The TSA has stopped zero terrorist attacks, but it sure has wasted hundreds of thousands of hours of people's time, and taken exorbitant amounts of money from the government's already ludicrous budget. But hey, you know what? "Freedom isn't free," or that's what they say. Not that it makes any sense. Best part of the video? The confused looks of the terrorist, when even he understands that none of this has anything to do with stopping his activities.

Sherry Voluntary

Remy is so spot on with God's parodies. It's too bad that this song is the parody when the original is really the parody of the values that are authentically American.

Nicky P

This might be the first song I ever heard from a libertarian mindset. I've loved Remy since. I will promote this song every july fourth because it reminds me of all the bullshit fake ass rural america patronizing pro military advertising in the form of a song nonsense out there. It packs as much parody as you can fit into a single song. Weird Al should be blushing at how smart and principled this song is. Go out and bump this as loud as you can in front of as many barbeques as you can every year. They will stop inviting you but you should stop hanging out with statists anyway.

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Nicky P

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