Who Am I? Ellie Copeland

They asked me to write a poem.

So where should i start?

Shouldn't this be easier?

I have a pencil in my hand.

Time is running out.

Here goes nothing,

here I am.

I am a baby

cuddled and cradled with care

a safe haven found

in my mothers warming arms.

I am a stubborn child

never wants to be wrong

Happy, nevertheless,

but tough, one and all.

I am six years old

suffering from pain

wheeled down a hall of bright lights

was that the end?

I am a girl scout

camping and s'mores

Maddie and Tyler by my side

for years and years to come.

I am the new kid

the class pet with all A's

man did that suck,

starting over again.

I am a 7th grader

no friends at all.

grades and good behavior

nothing else mattered.

I am thirteen.

horrified and alone

everything i had known,

was shattered at the heart.

I am mentally ill.

Doubting my purpose in life

what the fuck is happening?

It's not worth it; not at all.

I am popular

For once, I meant something

First love by my side

But not everything could be good.

I am alone

barefoot on the streets.

Crying and desperate,

for a happy, loving home.

I am a friend,

something no one was to me,

until i met you.

was my life complete?

I am a blur

of nonsense and fun

the year flashed by

as if it never happened.

I am broken

something that doesn't define me

but every now and then...

those glued-together pieces

fall apart again.

I am a victim.

a secret i keep

im over it now

nothing but a mistake.

I am trapped

in a relationship of hatred.

Why was i staying?

He wasn't worth it at all.

I am music

my safe haven, my constant reason

saving my life

taking me away from this terrible world.

I am me.

All this is in the past.

I live day by day,

making my way somehow.

Created By
Ellie Copeland


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