Intro to eye Isabelle Blevins

Video: A Journey Through the Human Eye

-The things that we see go through the cornea, aqueous humor, lens, and vitreous humor all the way to the back where they reflect of the retina's photo receptor. Then the retina's impulses converge on the optic nerve.

-The tear film retains moisture and builds more protection for the eye

-Tears contain natural disinfectants that protect against dust, computer screens, water (etc.)

Video: The Optical Illusion of Motion

-The illusion of motion has less to do with vision, more with the brain

-We start to lose out awareness to see separate images at 100 ms or 10 fp

-Two main ideas in this video is Persistence of Vision and The Vision Cortex

Video: How we see Color

-Light perception happens in the Retina

-In the retina there are two light detecting cells, Rods and Cones, there are three types of cones that correspond with Red, Blue, and Green.

-When you see a color each cone is sending that color signal to your brain

Video: Why do we see illusions

-When you move forward you get optic flow

-Stimulus in the back of your eyes detect the blurred lines

-Then it makes your brain thinks you're moving

Video: What cameras see that our eyes don't

-Our eyes are like a 500 mega pixel camera

-A camera can catch a horse off all four legs/hooves but ours eyes can't see it fast enough

-Cameras also help us see things that are too small for the human eye to detect

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