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Without telephones, who knows where we would be now. Telephones have been a huge part of our lives ever since they were invented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876. They are now a part of societies' daily lives for many uses, whether they be for work, at home, education, or even just for entertainment. Telephones were the driving point of a more efficient and convenient way to communicate with people.

Thresholds of Increasing Complexity

In Big History, important events are categorized as "Thresholds of Increasing Complexity." The invention of telephones can fill in under Threshold 3, "New Chemical Elements", as well as Threshold 5, "Life on Earth", along with Threshold 6, "Collective Learning", and finally Threshold 8, "The Modern Revolution."

Inside of these "Thresholds", these events have to meet certain requirements to fit under the Threshold. These requirements are things such as Goldilocks Conditions, and Ingredients, which creates more Collective Learning.

Threshold 3- New Chemical Elements

Threshold 3 is an important driving factor in the creation of telephones. The modern telephone consists of things like Boron, Tantalum, Copper, Gold, and Silver- all of which are New Chemical Elements. Without Threshold 3, there would not have been these new chemical elements to create the first telephone, all the way up to the new modern telephone.

Top to Bottom (Left to Right)- Copper, Tantalum, Gold & Boron
Threshold 5- Life on Earth

Threshold 5, "Life on Earth", was changed forever with the creation of the first telephone. Telephones relate very well to this Threshold because they create more communication between people, helping build new characteristics of people.

Threshold 6- Collective Learning

Collective Learning is the most important Threshold that is related to the invention of Telephones. Telephones created an easier, faster, and more efficient form of communication, which in one of the results of the Threshold, "Connect with each other in new ways." Telephones also made more things available to us, things such as FaceTime, text messages, Snapchats, Emails, and even phone calls from people all across the world. As time continues to pass, our levels of Collective Learning are still to this day advancing.

Threshold 8- The Modern Revolution

The Modern Revolution boosted the use and the need of the "Modern" form of communication, telephones. The new need for telephones economically boosted our nation, and continues to boost it to this day. Instead of there being 1 type of phone, there are all different kinds for all different prices. Not only is there the price of the phone, but there is also additional costs for things such as cases, chargers, insurance, screen covers, and many other things. Also, these telephones are found everywhere, and this new invention made it easier for businesses and societies to expand into other countries, helping create a more globally connected society.

In Conclusion, the invention of the telephone has been something that has changed the lives of people, and will continue to change and improve people's lives. It has made society more connected in ways people would have never thought of, through even the smallest things like social media, internet, and access to text messages and phone calls.

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