PnB Rock PlaYa No More ft Quavo & A Boogie with Da Hoodie

It opens up with PnB Rock & A Boogie on a College tour. Student Affairs assigns them both 2 female student counsel members to influence the enrollment decision. The students take them on a special tour full of enticing temptation.

The counsel suggest PnB shadow them around campus and get involved in student extra curricular. In attempt to persuade enrollment the tour guides lead them into a Hot yoga class, and women's kickball team locker room.

In the hot yoga studio the 1st verse will start with performance from both PnB and A Boogie. The narritive will continue as they both mock and assist the women in the yoga class, until an Instructor forces them to leave. The guides then lead them across a campus into a locker room.

PnB and A Boogie walk into the locker room as the women team prep for practice. (In here the second verse will take place with various B-roll of beautiful teammates.) The narritive continues with the coach kicking them out onto the baseball/kickball field.

The fellas bump into Quavo in the bleachers (introduction to 3rd verse) Quavo proceeds with his verse surrounded by women as he talks/raps on the phone. This scene will include a performance with PnB and Quavo. The narritive will continue with the tour guide grabbing them and taking them back to regular tour settings for a final decision.

We will close out with a shot of PnB and A Boogie exhausted from the tour in the. Classroom, and the camera fades to black.

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Jahfy Randall

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