Packing up your snowbirds until next season STORY AND PHOTOGRAPHY BY ROBERT NEFF

'Every year, those of us who are year round residents help pack our CondoSeniors who are snowbirds. This is what it's like.

Last night watching a sunset in shorts. Actually, when they get back north, spring is around the corner. They might not see the sun for a bit.

We get all their perishables.

And dry goods. 

With nice notes.

And snacks.

Couldn't wait.

Little red wagons have sure come a long way since they were young.

The great white north. Brrrrrrr.

First load.

Is that a winter coat?

First attempt at packing the van.

Good thing they checked the fridge. 

Still on first attempt.

Which bag is next?


Not so fast.

Now it's done!

One last stop for recyclables. Everyone hugs and cries.

I come back and open the fridge. Just stare. Still have one snowbird left to pack up and send home.

Enjoy more stories and images of what I get to enjoy everyday!

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Venice, Italy. 2007

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