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Expulsion Of The Acadians


The expulsion of the Acadians was when the british had deported the Acadians and sent to east coast British Colonies.

  • The main roles of this event were of the Acadians, French, British, Soldiers, settlers and more
  • The backstory to this tragedy is that the british felt quite threatened near the Acadians and the fact that the Acadians refused to take the oath of allegiance to the British triggered the event more farther
  • After this event it was obvious to have some consequences as of course the innocent Acadians were split up and sent to British Colonies other than that their houses/crops were burnt and many of the settlers faced severe injuries as well as death
  • When the Acadians no longer were residents the British took over and they had the main power and rule
  • I believe that this act is quite important to look back to because most of the Acadians were either dead or ended up in New England States
  • At the end of this event the residency and population of Acadia had changed as well as the fact that now the British ruled
  • Many different reactions were passed through this period of time; the Acadians were left helpless because of this situation, British felt secure and safe after deporting the poor souls, "Colonel John Winslow read the deportation document and had a reaction of disgust and thought this was very inhumane to his nature"

The American Revolution

"The American Revolution was a political upheaval that took place between 1765 and 1783 during which colonists in the Thirteen American Colonies rejected the British monarchy and aristocracy, overthrew the authority of Great Britain, and founded the United States of America."

  • Some of the groups that have played a key role in this event are rebel forces, loyalists, French, Americans, British etc.
  • differences in life, thought and interest had formed itself between the mother country and the growing colonies
  • The British were usually benifited by the Acts of Parliment but the 13 colonies mostly were not
  • As well as the fact that the thirteen colonies had no representatives in the British Parliament to express what they feel and showcase their perspective
  • The outcome of this signature of history was that the 13 colonies won independence from Great Britain; the thirteen states now came together and got the name of the "United States of America"
  • This event is very important to look back at because this was the creation of USA and the tables had turned as of the American society and government
  • Outcome was that the thirteen colonies felt relieved because they have just gained independence on the other hand Great Britain lost their control of what we now call USA so they had been quite upset

Quebec Act


In this event which had happened in the year of 1774 there were many pieces of the story that have been put together to make this incident take place.

  • Some main individuals/ groups that have taken a part of this are French Speaking Catholics, King George, Quebec Government, British and many more
  • There were many facts that triggered the Quebec Act to happen were the disagreements over taxes and other colonial duties as well as to providing more security and mental ease to the residents
  • The result of the Quebec act happening was that it expanded the American Colonies westward and it gave the right to religious freedom to the Roman Catholics
  • I believe this event is historically significant because such freedom given to the French speaking Catholics was an important gesture as well as the administrative boundaries of Quebec were extended
  • The outcome of the act was that the relationship between French and British were strengthened and it had changed the perspective and laws of Canadian government
  • After the product of the Quebec Act the French were pleased because they got to keep religious influence and ability to tax, the colonists had viewed this as an intolerable act, British seemed to care very little, and Quebec received happiness because it gave them control of disputed land
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