Her Soul's Legacy PORTRAIT of an author

Magic starts in the mind

Carole Marsh Longmeyer is a writer and a business woman. She writes mostly for children but sometimes she writes for adults. You can find her on Wikipedia. You can find her on Amazon.

When she wrote one of her latest books, about Voodoo, (you can order it here) she wondered what sort of pictures would tell her story. So, we collaborated in a place of high history. The hallowed ground of a preserved cemetery

A mirror for the reflections to discover to details in our minds. A candle for the light with which we see. Roses for sweetness and Love. A grave for the history we forget but shouldn't. Life symbols. The spoon is hiding here.
She captures imaginary lightening and then bottles it. It's not an easy task and few are as successful as Carole. She does it to illuminate the minds of children. Parents thank her daily.
A candle in the wind lights up the words of the Storyteller's journey
A tattered school book from long ago and her placed marked by a spoon. Independence starts with these.
She dances through a world of visions. A place where a solid foundation supports flights of fancy in the garden of her creativity.

What is "Her Soul's Legacy?"

It's a Literature Photography Book Project by Nancy McGregor.

Pictures don't tell the whole story. A moment frozen for eternity or at least until our hard drive crashes. A moment out of our entire lives. One picture can't tell our story.

Nancy saw a sepia, faded picture on an ancestor website. Taken in the 1800's. A woman in a long dress who was her great, great, great Grandmother. She had never heard of of this woman and knew nothing about her. Nancy said, "I still don't know anything, except how she looked. She had a tiny waist and I'd bet her hair was beautiful when it was down."

Since Nancy is a photographer, she was inspired by this vintage image to her help women leave a legacy. Her work is something she terms "Literature Photography." It's photography that tells a story and is usually paired with poetry or other meaningful written work. The book "Winged Soul" is an example of her work and is a book of award-winning photography and poetry.

Her Soul's Legacy is a book project of Legacy Portraits. Images of "who a woman really is instead of ONLY her appearance." The photos are a little artistic, a little fantasy, and a little reality mixed in Nancy's unique style to show women as they are inside. Their strength and their struggles. Because we aren't Edna anymore. But since, her life and work has been lost, this book will be dedicated to Edna and all the women who remain unsung in history's pages.

Created By
Nancy McGregor



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