Next Week's Band Making music great again... one week at a time.

NEXT WEEK'S BAND is a docuseries that creates a pop-up musical act every week.

What's in a name? Led Zeppelin. LCD Soundsystem. Spice Girls. Devo. Kid Creole & the Coconuts. Atari Teenage Riot. The Clash. The Beach Boys. Cheap Trick. INXS. Chicago. The Cramps. Scissor Sisters. Neutral Milk Hotel. Electric Light Orchestra. Wu Tang Clan. Radiohead, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Drive By Truckers. Sorry About Dresden. Fishbone. Alabama Shakes. The Replacements. Public Enemy. Arcade Fire. At the Drive In. Blondie. Buena Vista Social Club. Cat Power. Cowboy Junkies. Crash Test Dummies. A Tribe Called Quest. Velvet Underground. Sex Pistols. Iron Maiden. Bikini Kill. AC/DC. MC5.

What would happen if you started with a great name and worked backwards? Built a music act that fits the name and the marketing and the image? Choose the band members and singers, then help write the songs to fit the concept? What if you did it all in one week?

Working under an impossible deadline, music greats, industry pros, and untapped talent work in harmony to create not just one but two competing pop-up bands, with songs, album, fans, and a live broadcast concert based on nothing more than a random name, business savvy, and imagination... in every week's episode.

Wait a minute, that sounds damn near impossible. And fake. How are you going to do all of that in a week and not have it be cheesy or, well, bad? Well, you're going to have a team of superstars: record execs, songwriters, brand consultants, record producers, wardrobe designers, graphic designers... and, most of all, an array of performing musician talent. It takes a village.

• LIVE concert finale each week

• Special guest appearances from stars of Music, Film, & Fashion

• Music catalog & band merchandise accumulates weekly

• Publicized worldwide talent search

• Multi-platform: online streaming/social media integrated into format

Making Music Great Again...



The Unscripted Series.


for more info, contact: wil@flattiger.com 303-618-8295

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