Artifical Limbs and Joints By Daniel derby

Q1 What can warrant a replacement limb or joint?

You may require an artificial limb or joint because of various causes including injury, birth defect, old age or disease. An example of an injury could be loss of the limb/joint in question or severe nerve damage. Replacement joints are most often caused by old age such as a new knee or hip.

Q2 Body systems involved in artificial limbs or joints.

Artificial limbs or joints affect the nervous system which controls the body, existing nerves can be used to control an artificial limb or joint. Although if the nerves never existed the limb cannot be manipulated in this way.

Q3 Healthy body parts vs dieasesed or damaged parts

A limb or joint before it is replaced by a prosthetic is usually crippled, broken beyond repair or never was there in the first place. Natural limbs are used for locomotion or manipulating objects and the artificial limbs do the same thing though with slightly less control. Natural joints are points where the skeleton fits together and artificial joints are the same stopping bones from rubbing up against each other.

Q4 Medical advances that improve the treatment and success rate

Advances in surgical techniques increase control of the limb/joint and the success rate is very high. They work via using existing nerves to give the patient control of the limb.

Q5 Ethical Reasons against this treatment

There are no ethical reasons against this treatment apart from degradation of the environment required to procure the materials necessary.

Q6 Diagrams

How a bionic hand works



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