Stranger in the woods By: Tucker reilly

I started getting really scared because I never knew when the man could shoot me. ***

The whole story unfolded on a warm spring night when I was at a frat house party for a college that I lived near. The party was being held at a frat house with a long stretch of woods that followed behind it. Just like at every other frat house party, people were drinking and dancing and playing ping pong and doing all the stuff that college students would do at a college party.

I was only seventeen at the time of the party and I was really small compared to the other kids in my grade. I really liked to go to these parties because it was a fun thing to do on a Friday night considering I didn't have much friends. I had decided not to underage drink at that party, but one of the college students kept on insisting I did, so I decide just to go along with it.

I had been non-stop drinking since 11 o’clock when a older man, around the age of 40, approached me and said, “Hey, guess what?”

“What?” I responded

“There's a party happening deep inside the woods and your friends are there! They're having a great time and they sent me to come get you.”

That sounded pretty convincing to me at the time so I said,

“Sure, where is it?”

“Just follow me, I'll show you the way.”

I started following him through the woods beyond the house and the music from the party started to fade away. I started to wonder what the man was doing behind me so I looked back at him, and what met me was a gun pointed right at my forehead.

I asked him want he was doing with the gun because I thought we were going to a party. He said that I shouldn't worry about it, he was only keeping the gun for protection. He said that there were dangerous animals that lived in these woods and he was keeping the gun for protection against them.

I didn't really think about until I realized that the gun would bump the back of my head every now and then. Then it finally hit me, I realized that I might die out here in the wood tonight. I started getting really scared because I never knew when the man behind me could pull the trigger. I knew a lot about guns when I was that age and I was getting really scared because I knew that guns could fire at random times.

I decided that I should probably do something about this situation. I quickly spun around and I punched the guy in the face as hard as I could. The man hit the ground with a thud and tried to shoot me, but he missed. I could feel the bullet whizz by the side of my head. I quickly kicked the gun out of the man's hand, picked it up, and shot his kneecap. I quickly threw the gun into a creek nearby and darted off in the direction of the house.

The familiar sounds of people partying and music filled me with joy as I knew that I was near the house. As soon as I got into the house and dialed the police. A friend of mine told me that I sprinted into the house like a madman. He also said that I made everyone's heads turn as soon as I burst through the backdoors of the house. That must have been the last time I ever went to a party like that.

The End.



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