Forest Vision Our Theme for the Week

Welcome to Forest Vision, the theme in which we will be immersing ourselves this week.

It is our hope and prayer that our daily themes of Solidarity, Viriditas, Cycles & Seasons, Surrender, and Seeds & New Creation will help you process the Spirit's stirring in your own life, perhaps even inspire your art with Forest Vision.

Be planted by the waterside and raise Your arms with Christ beneath these rooted trees, Who lift their breathing leaves up to the skies. . . . Arise From meditation by these waters. Bear The fruits of that deep rootedness.
-an excerpt from Beatus Vir: a reflection on psalm 1 by Malcolm Guite

Art from Our Community:

Valley Rain by Claire Giordano, April 2019

Watercolor and Raindrops, 11" X 14"

Claire writes, "This is one of 35 paintings I created during my two week residency at the Andrews Experimental Forest. I began this painting of the valley after slowly hiking miles of gravel road turned into an obstacle course by fallen trees. In a rare gap in the rain I painted as much as I could, and just as I added the last swaths of color, the rain arrived again. The starburst patterns in the painting are each a raindrop that fell while painting and as I delicately cradled it under my umbrella while walking home."

Sending Prayer: O Seer of forest vision, lead and guide us on the journey that is ours, open our minds to the wisdom of the forest, warm our hearts with her hospitality, and inspire our imagination with her generous and creative ways.

see you Tonight!
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