LWA All Saints eve

Monique Valliere is a young New Orleans business woman, who has recently lost her parents. They brought her up with Creole voodoo as their household religion, and left her the family business, a touristy voodoo gift shop that also conducts ghostly swamp tours.

When one of her tour operators calls out on a family emergency, Monique is forced to lead a group of five tourists herself into the eerie bayou of Louisiana, along with her sidekick Eric, on Halloween— also known as All Saints’ Eve.

Awaiting the group out in the swampland is a scary band of punk miscreants, led by Julia Devere, a sorceress who has made an evil pact with the voodoo spirits to summon a hellish power for herself from Marinette-Bwa-Chèch, a malevolent voodoo spirit known as a Lwa. Julia must appease Marinette’s bloodlust or face her wrath.

Monique’s battle against Julia to lead those who trust in her out of the cursed swamp is the basis for Lwa: All Saints’ Eve. Written and directed by Rick Prince (from SyFy TV’s special effects competition show FaceOff), this film explores the inner struggle of a reluctant heroine to resolve her modern life with the ancient traditions of her African tribal-based voodoo religion. Relying on practical special makeup effects (no computer-generated characters), the film pays homage to a rich tradition of supernatural thrillers and puts a twist on the fantasy-horror genre by its highlighting African-American and female characters.


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