Summer Camp Director Eileena Stout

Daily Tasks include: managing facilities budgets, hiring staff, develop training programs, and develop and execute marketing plans to recruit campers. They also program new ideas for activities.
Their work schedules consist of a couple weeks during the months of July and August. Usually the camps are a overnight thing that lasts up for a week or more. SO they work from when they wake up to when everyone falls asleep.
A Salary for a camp director is usually $23,320 a year. they can make about $11.21 an hour. but it all also depends upon how big the camp is.
CAmp Directors work with other camp counselors and the kids that come to the camp. Most camps take place in a recreation center, park, summer camp, nursing or residential care facilities.
Some problems or issues that arise may be: when an appliance stops working, or co-workers not getting along, budgets cuts, losing family time with their own family, balancing work if they have more than one job, the weather, or just plain homesickness.
SOme benefits they receive are free housing and meals, usually the ability to get holidays off, and they only have to work a couple months out of the year.
They need at least a bachelor's degree, voluntary professional certification, and a life saving certification.
the work skills they need to have are active listening, coordination, management of personnel resources,
A summer camp gives children a place to go during the summers. Its convenient for parents because it allows them time and space to do errands or do other things that they couldn't do without carting around their kids. It's a benefit for kids because it allows them to make new friends in a friendly environment. It's also a benefit for both sides if the summer camp is a sleepover camp, because it then allows not only the parents but the kids with time away from one another. it also gives them the opportunity to have fun without worrying about the other persons.


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