Anemia health issues in livestock

Baby pig anemia has been a threatening disorder since the beginning of farrowing in confinement. Anemia, is when there is a lack of iron in the blood. In baby pigs this can cause many health issues such as; shortness of breath, poor growth, rough hair coat, wrinkled skin, sudden death due to shortness of breath, and even lessens the ability to fight disease.

This is an example of piglets that have just been born. They are in a farrowing crate to ensure their safety. Often time sows will roll over on their piglets and smash them without knowing.

While in confinement like this, the sows milk is lacking the iron that it needs to give to her piglets. This is because she does not have the natural access to the soil, which carries iron. You can easily prevent piglet anemia, by giving your piglets an iron shot. There are other supplements you can do as well, such as giving a pill orally. However, the shot is typically most effective since it is injecting strait into the blood stream.

With preventative measurements, piglets will live long and healthy lives.

Just remember that as an owner it is your duty to make sure that you are properly caring for your livestock!

Hogs and kisses!!!

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