Birmingham Riots By Juan Morales Hr 5

The Birmingham riots took place in Birmingham Alabama on May 2 - May 10 in 1963.

This riot started out as a simple protest for the desegragation of Birmingham but when the police found out about this they decides that his was against the law and should be stopped.

But when the protesters did not stop the police turned to violence using teargas, police dogs and fire hoses to stop the riots.

When the rest of the country found out how these people were being treated they stood up for the protesters giving this movement more attention helping them later end segregation in not only Birmingham but the whole country.

This was a very important event for the civil rights movement because it brought a lot of attention to how protesters were being treated and how this was wrong and why this needed to be stopped helping the movement in many ways.

This shows you why the Birmingham Riots were very important to the civil rights movement and how this was helpful in bringing attention to the movement.

I feel that a event that has many similarities to the riots is the Black Lives Matter movement. Because this movement also focuses on the equalization of the african american society.

Another reason that the Black Lives Matter movement is similar to the Birmingham Riots is that they also are trying to bring attention to a problem and how this should be corrected. Another reason is that in both events many people came together to fight for one thing and they they wanted to see a change.

This shows you how no matter what the situation or problem if you want it to change you must bring attention to the problem so that others will fight with you and make a change.

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