Video Editor BY: Sudiksha

What is a film editor?

"A film and video editor is a highly skilled film industry employee who edits movies or videos. The success or ultimate failure of the production lies in their hands. The final production must be a coherent project that incorporates the storyline and personality of the starring actors."
What does a film editor do?
  • An video/ film editor studies scripts to understand the storyline and collaborates with directors, producers, and film staff regarding the script and director's goals.
  • The film editor will examine tapes for editing purposes. They will look for errors, edit segments that run long or parts that do not match the story or go with the storyline.
How a film editor works
  • A film editor mostly works independently during the post-production process
  • Film editors collaborate with directors, producers, and film staff regarding the script and director's goals.
  • "Film editors will usually work with a crew while deciding what to add for sounds, voices and music that match the script and place them in the appropriate place."
What kind of education is required?
  • 4UEnglish and another other U and M courses prerequisites for University. Taking any Art or Tech courses offered in high school is highly recommended and beneficial.
  • Individuals interested in a film editing career obtain at least a Bachelor of Arts with a major in film and television, film studies or communications.
  • Film editors may attend independent film schools, photographic institutes, community colleges, technical schools or traditional universities.
Skills a Film editor must have
  • An eye for detail
  • A critical mind
  • Hand-eye co-ordinations
  • Attention to little detail
  • Computer literacy
  • Passion and interest in film and video editing
  • Patience and concentration
  • Creativity and a passionate interest in film and video editing
  • Good listening skills
  • Teamwork skills
  • Self-motivation, commitment and dedication
  • organizational and time management skills
  • The ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines

A film/video editor is not an entry-level job. You'd usually start at a lower-paid level, possibly as a runner where salaries could be around the national minimum wage. You may then progress to assistant editor where you could expect to earn more, before reaching the full editor position.

  • Starting salaries for assistant editors employed by a television or post-production studio are in the region of approx. $26,000 to $36,000
  • With experience as a film or video editor, you could earn approx. $30,400 to $50,700
  • At a senior level, your earnings could potentially reach approx. $54,000 to $100,000 but the higher end of this scale is only available to senior editors working on big-budget projects.
What type of company, organization or institution might someone in this profession work?

Film and video editors are employed by:

  • Animation companies
  • Broadcast companies
  • Film companies
  • Independent production companies
  • Post-production companies/facilities
  • Video/computer games companies.
Based on your research, is this a career that you think you might be interested in? Why or why not?

Based on my research, this career is quite fascinating and i think it will suite my interests. Editing is definitely one of my hobbies and passions as I enjoy editing short videos on my free time. I feel that I can improve my skills and get better by learning new techniques and discovering how to use new programs and become more familiar with them.


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