Space invaders and centipede! Bye:ivan

Space invaders is a very old fashion arcade game. So this is how you play there will be a bunch of aliens from outer space. The aliens will go right to left and go lower,lower,lower and lower if they get to the bottom they will harm you and you will lose. When you play you will get a alien blaster and shoot right to left and you will survive for a loooooooooong time.

Alien from space invaders.

Centipede is a game like space invaders the centipede goes right to left like space invaders but instead of getting a blaster you get a little space ship and the space ship will shoot the huge centipede and what ever you do DONT HIT THE MIDDLE OF THE CENTEPEED OR ELS THE CENTIPEDE SPLITS.


The end


Created with images by PublicDomainPictures - "arcade machine grab" • Wild Guru Larry - "Space Invader office decor" • goodrob13 - "Yestercades, Somerville, NJ 5/3/15"

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