BUSINESS & lifestyle photoshoots Outshine your competition!

Personal branding is an important subject to any entrepreneur but especially if you are in online business. Not only do you need images for your homepage and profiles but also a variety to feed the social media. It is crucial for building up your business, gathering the right audience and building up their trust so you can turn them into your ideal clients.

Entrepreneurs are busy people. Preparing for a photoshoot and going to a photographer is time consuming. Many feel uncomfortable when being photographed and an unknown surroundings like a studio doesn't help. That is why I come to you. I photograph you in your environment where you feel comfortable. I help you prepare for the photoshoot and choose the wardrobe. Not only does it save you time but you will get the most authentic photographs of you fitting to your brand.


Business-Lifestyle photoshoot is designed for letting you outshine your competition. It will give you the profile photos you need and the lifestyle photos for your feed. Before I travel to you with all my equipment, we will prepare the photoshoot to fit you and your branding. I will photograph you in your environment to get the best and most authentic images of you. When we are done, you will have a large variety of great images that will elevate you above your competition.

  • Up to 6 hours shoot
  • Pre-Production meeting & wardrobe styling
  • Multiple locations in- and outdoors
  • Studio and natural light
  • Unlimited outfits
  • Social media collection of min 300 images
  • 50 high-end photographs
  • Unlimited usage rights
  • No hidden fees
  • € 2450.-

A selection from a Business - Lifestyle shooting.

Profile photos, photos for the homepage, Facebook-ad photos, landing page photos and of course, social media photos is what you need when you are in online business. That is what the Business - Lifestyle shooting will give you.


If you already have awesome business portraits but need great lifestyle photos for your homepage and the social media, this one is for you.

I travel to you. We photograph you in your favourite places in your favourite outfits, all fitting to your brand.

  • Half a day shoot
  • Pre-Production meeting & wardrobe styling
  • Unlimited outfits
  • Social media collection of min 150 images
  • 25 high-end photographs
  • Unlimited usage rights
  • No hidden fees
  • € 1650.-

A small example from a Lifestyle Shooting.

Different outfits, different settings, different locations. It's all about you and what you love about live.


Competition is hard in business. Having unique and professional photographs is essential. Have different ones for the right impression in every spot.

  • Up to 2 hour shoot
  • Studio style
  • Wardrobe styling
  • Up to 5 outfits
  • Social media collection of min 50 images
  • 5 high-end retouched pictures
  • Unlimited usage rights
  • No hidden fees
  • € 850.-

An example from a Business Shooting

Different background, different clothing, different light are powerful tools to change your impression. I want you to change your wardrobe during the shoot so you will get the perfect picture for your profile, for that press release and for your sales page. I want you to get the best out of your photoshoot with me.

If what you need is not on my list, then please contact me and ich will make you a fitting offer.

A little bit about me

Beside my top education in photography from Brooks Institute of Photography, USA, I have an experience of 25 years in the business. I have photographed hundreds of CEO’s, executives, entrepreneurs and employees. You can find my portraits on company websites, in catalogues, on book-covers as well as on social media profiles of successful entrepreneurs. Let me help outshine your competition.

Created By
Alma Johanns