The way blow affected Keith!

Keith started cocaine at 20 years old,(now) he's a young male just starting college. He lives in Colorado, works at subway and smokes crack out the window on a daily bases. He became addicted to crack at a freshman college party, before crack he was always smoking marijuana with his boy Todd. Keith lost his job because he stopped showing up for his shift. He was spending his days smoking crack with his boy Todd. Keith is experiencing side effects from the drug such as loss of appetite, contracted blood vessels, increased rate of breathing, dilated pupils, nausea, and an interrupted sleep pattern. Some long term side effects from using crack are permanent damage to blood vessels of heart and or brain, high blood pressure that can lead to heart attacks, strokes, and even death. Liver, kidney, and lung damage, severe tooth decay, malnutrition, weight loss are other major side effects. This drug can also cause mental and psychological effects on the body like euphoria, overconfidence, aggressiveness, paranoia, poor judgment, delusions, and hallucinations. Keith has been smoking crack for three years and is starting to experience some of the long term side effects of weight loss, tooth decay and shortness of breath. His family is suspicious of Keith's change of appearance recently and asking him about using drugs. Because of these questions Keith tries to avoid family members. It really affected his social life he doesn't go out with his friends anymore. Him and Todd smoke crack and don't go to college party's anymore. He spends anywhere from $350 to 400 a week for cocaine. Keith has not gotten into any legal trouble with the drug.

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