To:Johnny By: Adilene enriquez

Dear Johnny,

Hello Johnny, I miss you so so much we haven't seen each other since we were 7. So i'm hoping you still remember me. You know since the pearl harbor thing started Theyve took us to Manzanar Camp. Today is my 14th birthday and were having a small celebration at the mess hall.

But anyway so much has been going on since we came to Manzanar camp. Before we even came to the camp they arrested my dad in terminal Island where we first came to hide. They blamed him for giving out Oil to the Japanese. Since then they took us to Manzanar we had to sell everything from the house before we left to at least get some money.

Our little barrack was very small for a living space of 7. Problem was so much holes on the walls making it easier for sand to come through. Latrines were the most hated of mama because, you are willing to use the restroom with 12 other people at the same time, Crazy huh. Well this is awkward I´m telling you this because your a boy and all. But anyway my mom was happy after a woman had let us borrow a divider to cover up the toilet.

Finally 9 months later of being in the camp,September of 1942, my dad arrived I remember like it was yesterday he came dressed in white with a fedora and holding a cane. Now we were 8 but i Felt like he was totally a changed man. He argued with mama extremely until Kiyo had the guts to straight up with father. Right about time father had gotten courage to almost kill mama, Kiyo punched him right n’ squared in the face. It was a huge commitment for Kiyo but I'm glad he did that to stop father.

After that there was a lot going on Manzanar Camp, Riots, Fights, you know many stuff who involved, you know obviously, MY DAD. One of them is arguing with Woody, my Sister’s boyfriend, Woody insisted on going to War but Papa didn't let him. Either way saying yes yes will lead you to war and saying no no will take you back to Japan. After Father was fighting over yes yes, A man started charge which made father angry and attacked him. Later in the afternoon the sandstorm hit, it was pitch black it was terrifying and cold. Papa sang with our hands in the stove to heat up,singing the national anthem of Japan.

I truly love my dad but he just scares me sometimes but i still love him no matter what. Well i have to go to the mess hall. I hope I see you soon. Well if I ever get out of here. Miss you! Please write me back. Sincerely, Jeanne


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