Promoting academic integrity since 2005

We, the community of Eagle River High School, recognize honesty as an integral part of academic achievement and personal fulfillment. The ERHS Honor Code sets forth the dispositions and behaviors contributive to authentic growth and success, both within the framework of formal education and in the broader context of life.

"Academic integrity is trusting the value of your own intellect and effort, demonstrating your own achievement, and show casing your own abilities."

(UC Berkeley Honor Code)

Academic Integrity is not:

• sharing your work, or the work of others for the use of copying

• representing the work of others as your own

• using unauthorized technology or external supports as tools on assignments or tests

• using pictures, written text, or ideas without proper attribution/citation

• non-participation in group work, or collaborative projects

"Cheating in school is a form of self-deception. We go to school to learn. we cheat ourselves when we coast on the efforts and Scholarship of someone else." - James E. Faust

Have a can-Do attitude.

Use Your Assets.

Respect your school.

Do Your Own Work.


Community- I will seek to promote a culture conducive to learning by treating others with dignity and positive regard. I affirm every student’s right to learn in an inclusive, encouraging environment.

Excellence- I will promote the overall distinction of ERHS by fostering my own academic excellence. I affirm excellence cannot be obtained by short-cut, or in the absence of integrity.

Respect - I will seek to promote a respect for learning in my school in terms of the students, staff, and structures that make it possible. I aspire to the self-respect that comes with honest effort and affirm my personal role in my education and in that of others.


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