Create a Creature Project ally bosworth, period 7

The scientific name of this organism is Plantis magicae meaning "magic plants" in English, their common name. There genus is Plantis while their species is magicae.


Magic plants are found in the euphotic zone of the ocean. This is where coral reefs are found, and magic plants live in coral reefs. The euphotic zone is the topmost part of the ocean which receives the most sunlight, as well as the photic zone, which is the upper part of the ocean. Abiotic factors in this zone include lots of sunlight and high salinity due to evaporation at the surface.

Since magic plants are producers, they use photosynthesis to produce sugars. To produce sugars, they need sunlight and carbon dioxide. These resources are most abundant in the photic and euphotic zones, therefore it is well suited to live here.

Magic plants do not move, but they stay attached to the sea floor through their roots.

Magic plants are producers, therefore they create their own food through photosynthesis. They give off Oxygen like any other plant, but what makes them magical is that it's sparkly oxygen. They capture sunlight through their green leaves.

Some organisms that feed on magic plants include different types of fish, such as parrotfish. Sea urchins and crabs can also feed on magic plants.

Magic plants are usually 1-2 feet tall and have several different colors of leaves. It has colors such as pink, yellow, and green. The green leaves are for it to photosynthesize.

Magic plants have a distinct taste, therefore many predators do not prefer to eat it. This is a way it can defend itself.

Magic plants are benthic because they live on the ocean floor. This means they are sessile because they are attached to the bottom by roots.

Since magic plants are producers, they do not breath, but they take in CO2 through their leaves. Green pigmented chlorophyll in the green leaves captures sunlight as well.

Magic plants reproduce through gametes being released into the water. Then these gametes find another reproductive structure to fertilize. Magic plants reproduce in this way because pollination cannot occur under water.

This is a model of a magic plant.


Created with images by - "Ocean" • NOAA Photo Library - "reef1253" • JensG - "sunset ocean sky" • James St. John - "Syringodium filiforme (manatee grass) (southeastern Graham's Harbour, San Salvador Island, Bahamas) 1" • popofatticus - "cyclops the crab" • robstephaustralia - "parrot fish" • craft-martingale - "Ocean Floor" • Freeimages9 - "leaf background lines"

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