Stop the Cruelty By: Rashell DEras

These dogs are abused mentally and physically because of their owners.
“Many dogs are injected with steroids, and some dog fighters even sharpen their dog’s teeth, cut off their ears (to prevent another dog from latching on), and add roach poison to their food so that their fur might taste bad to other dogs.”
It could be argued that that dog fighting is a sport and that it’s not a very important topic because we humans have dangerous sports such as football , basketball, and other sports.
It is true that their are dangerous sports for humans and that people do get hurt while playing soccer or football. But, dogs have to get special treatment after injuries just like humans go to a hospitals. These dog’s don’t get the correct treatment they need.
In the end you may ask yourself how to solve this problem after reading my essay. Well the answer to make a petition to stop dog fighting. Although it may be a slow process it does help so that law enforcement notices this problem more and do more to be able to stop it.


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