Teen Giving Club Service trip to Guatemalan Orphanages

The Service Trip

Teen Giving Club and the Work, Play, Love team are thrilled to announce our upcoming summer trip to Guatemala where we will spend one week at the Hogar Malone and Maria Auxiliadora orphanages. Our volunteers will spend time with the children; teaching English, crafts, music sessions, dances, soccer, games, etc. At the end of the week, our volunteers will have the opportunity to explore and spend time reflecting on our life changing trip.

Reminder: This trip has been planned completely by high school students at Canyon Crest Academy. The trip is completely non-profit.


This is an opportunity for us to do something really fun this summer that's going to have a huge impact. It will not be a a vacation or camp, but a hands on humanitarian mission to make a difference in the lives of these children. Each day will be exciting, full of adventure, and empowering for each volunteer. We will have a chance to change the lives of each child and show them just how much they are loved!

Despite their hardships, the children are always smiling. They love playing with you, reading, jumping rope, singing, laughing – all the happy things a child should experience. Being in Guatemala with the children we are helping is a rewarding experience that changes you and touches your very core. You’ll never forget those faces, smiles, and giggles because they now have a permanent place in your heart.

Our Partners

We will be partnering with Work, Play, Love- a San Diego Non-profit Organization that supports the orphanage. Kim Melia, the founder, will facilitate and chaperone our trip. She has taken over 15 groups to the orphanages. See more about the organization below in this 4 minute video.

The Work, Play, Love motto is: Work a Little, Play a Lot and Love Even More.

Our "Why"

No system of taking care of orphaned children, regardless of the country, is perfect. One of the reasons we chose Guatemala orphans is because there is no foster care system is in place, like here in the US. So every orphaned child gets thrown into a large orphanage and becomes a number. We wanted to do whatever we could for the children that come through both the boys and girls’ orphanages, making them feel like they are loved, help them to realize how important they are to the world, and in a caring family who will take care of them, so they don’t feel like a number in a big orphan institution. Being an orphan, regardless of the county is a more than a tough life to live, but with our efforts we hope to change the dreams, hopes and lives of all the precious children that come through the doors at the Hogar Miguel Magone and Maria Auxiliadora.

The Girls

The trip

Our first goal is to raise money to go to Guatemala and contribute to a service project at the orphanage. We will be doing fundraising and drives as well as asking for parent sponsorship.

Our Documentary

Our second goal is that we are going to produce a documentary of us planning the trip and volunteering in Guatemala. We want to sent it to other high schools so that we can encourage other students to fall in love with volunteering; locally or globally. This is a great opportunity to plan, document and share a unique experience that can inspire many other schools and students.


Our third goal for the next school year, in addition to the documentary, is to share our Guatemala story at school assemblies and encourage other teens to volunteer. We have interest from several professional documentary producers to market our documentary to TV, Magazines and Film Festivals so we can make an even greater, national impact helping kids get involved in volunteer work.

If we can show them other teens how easy it is for us to plan a trip to Guatemala, they can be inspired at a minimum to plan a Saturday afternoon for a local volunteer trip.

The Orphanage

The Details

The price will be around only $1300 dollars round trip, including air fare. We will spend the first four days living at the orphanage, and the last two days exploring and learning about the culture. We can have up to 15 student volunteers, and will need parent chaperones as well. We will be fundraising to help with expenses.


Tuesday June 20th: Charted bus transportation from San Diego (Del Mar Highlands) to Los Angeles Airport at 6pm.

Wednesday June 21st: Arrive morning in Guatemala City at 5 am. Orphanage owner picks us up from the airport in a bus. ½ hour drive. We will settle into the private transition house at the orphanage and spend the day with the kids. We will stay at the orphanage overnight.

Thursday June 22nd: Spend all day at the orphanage and stay there overnight.

Friday June 23rd: All day at orphanage and overnight.

Saturday June 24th: Spend morning and lunch with the children at the orphanage. A tour bus and English speaking guide will pick us up at 2 pm. Travel time depends on traffic (30-60min) to the beautiful romantic city of Antigua (Rated #5 most beautiful city in Central America). Spend afternoon exploring and eat dinner at a restaurant. Stay at Hotel Posada Don Rodrigo in Antigua.

Sunday June 25th: Early Breakfast at Hotel and leave Antigua 7:30 am, arrive at Panajachel, a beautiful mayan town on Lake Atitlan. (2 1/2 travel time). We will spend the afternoon taking a Zip-line tour over the lake, volcanoes, and waterfalls at the Ecological and Natural Reserve Atitlan. Dinner and overnight stay at Lake Atitlan Hotel Posada Don Rodrigo in triple, lake view rooms (and pool!).

Monday June 26th: Wake up and have breakfast then off to private boat trip to the different mayan villages surrounding the lake. Explore the mayan culture there, eat amazing traditional food and swim.Check out of hotel and leave Lake Atitlan at 4pm. Arrive in Antigua at 6:30pm. Final dinner in Antigua. Stay at the Hotel Posada Don Rodrigo Antigua.

Tuesday June 27th: Transportation from Antigua to Guatemala La Aurora Airport. Arrive in LAX around noon and take bus to San Diego.


Trip Includes:

  • 3 nights at Hogar Miguel Magoner orphanage transition house
  • 2 nights at Posada Don Rodrigo, Antigua
  • 1 night at Posada Don Rodrigo, Panajachel (Lake Atitlan)
  • A Spanish and English speaking male tour guide, private tour bus, and driver
  • 3+ parent chaperones and WorkPlayLove organization chaperone, Kim Melia
  • A Cook preparing 10-11 traditional meals at the orphanage.
  • Group breakfast and cultural dinners in restaurants during excursion/hotel stays
  • All transportation to and from San Diego to LAX and throughout Guatemala
  • Guided Cultural and Ecological tours including Boat Trip and Zip-lining over the lake, volcanoes, and waterfalls
  • 3 independent lunches during excursion days
  • The week of June 20-27th
  • Our group will be working with the girls and boys Ages 5-11
  • No shots or immunizations needed
  • Security at orphanage: Fenced and barbed wires and police cameras at orphanage

Contact Information

The trip is open to all CCA students and parents (as chaperones). For more information and to RSVP, email teengivingclub@gmail.com or call Estee Gubbay at 858-381-7713.

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