Communication Highlights UN ENVIRONMENT ASIA PACIFIC

In 2016, 1037 news articles and reports were generated in 50 countries, with a reach of 172 million, largely in China, followed by India, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia. The highest peaks in coverage were in March, May, June and September.

For social media, we had 1.7 million impressions on Twitter and more than 2 million impressions on Facebook. We gained more than 2,000 followers on Twitter and had 27,600 engagements. The We gained 20,600 engagements on Facebook.

Media outlets that featured un environment asia pacific work

How we fared on our website

This year we had 76,000 page views for our website. Of this, the largest page view, in descending order, are vacancies, staff profiles, ‘UN Environment in Asia Pacific’, followed by contact and poverty and environment, climate change, resource efficiency and governance. .

What got most attention

558 articles in 28 countries
The visit of 10 journalists to Nepal for ecosystem-based adaptation generated articles in major news outlets like Huffington Post, BBC, CNN Indonesia, Paris Guardian and TIME.
Events organized around World Environment Day, Wildlife Campaign, and statement led to a reach of 26.4 million
More than 2.2 million people in 13 countries were reached through reports in 30 media outlets following the launch of the Green Fins Toolbox at the Asia Dive Expo in Singapore. divers and snorkelers every year.
Hundreds of thousands of people thronged to over 900 stores across 90 cities for the China Sustainable Consumption Week organized with partners. It generated 490 news reports in Chinese and English.
More than 250,000 people watched and participated in the Earth Hour talk organized by UN Environment China, WWF and other partners
The UN Wildforlife campaign in China, with a reach of more than 328 million, was awarded the "2016 Top 10 most influential Campaigns " by Weibo, a leading social media platform in China.
The Green Fins for a Blue Planet and World Environday Day videos was aired by 28 broadcasters in 28 countries and viwed by an estimated 23.9 million.
Two statements, for the Nepal earthquake and tigers found in a Thai temple led to 88 news reports in 27 countries, and quoted in major news outlets like Wall Street Journal, Al Jazeera and The Australian. Two op-eds generated 80,000 followers on UNODC twitter and 74,000 impressions.
ED’s visit to the region boosted national coverage in major news outlets with 98 reports in India, 91 in China, and 16 articles on his visit to Indonesia which reached as far as Ireland, Nigeria and the USA.
Outreach to UN staff for #Notwasting campaign resulted in 88,208 impressions and 943 engagements on Twitter, and Facebook’s single post reached 1,063.

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