Race Highlights SEPTEMBER 2018

Our drivers packed the grids this weekend in both Sports Car and Light Sport Racer division. We were pleased to host Exotics Racing series. The Andretti (F) 3.6-mile configuration was the course for the weekend.

Congratulations to Peter Fahlman (MX5) who competed in his first ever Club SM Race this weekend!

Patrick Liddy (LSR1-Wolf Turbo) set a new course record with his time of 2:18.027. In addition, Indy Al Miller set the LSR2 lap record in his Radical SR3 with time of 2:28.244. Congratulations drivers!

Light Sport Racer


  • LSR1: 1st Patrick Liddy, 2nd Denis O'Leary and 3rd Ken Melgoza
  • LSR2: 1st Mark Rohrwasser, 2nd Jeffrey Cheng
  • LSR3: 1st Indy Al Miller, 2nd Mitch Bishop and 3rd Ron Fletcher
  • LSRR: 1st Jon Hirshberg, 2nd Rahul Patel and 3rd AJ Miller


  • LSR1: 1st Denis O'Leary and 2nd Wayne Swanson
  • LSR2: 1st Mark Rohrwasser
  • LSR3: 1st AJ Miller, 2nd Ron Fletcher and 3rd Mitch Bishop
  • LSRR: 1st Jim Mason, 2nd Jon Hirshberg and 3rd Rahul Patel



  • Miata: 1st Ron Fletcher, 2nd Gregg Gorski and 3rd Rob Bonanno
  • MX5: 1st Teddy Landau, 2nd Kevin Hill and 3rd Peter Oh


  • Miata: 1st Dennis Kane
  • MX5: 1st Peter Oh, 2nd Kevin Hill and 3rd Dennis Russell


Enduro Race

Friday Podium

Saturday: 1st De Losier / Vajda, 2nd Thieven / Seidel and 3rd Ramsey / Wendell

Next Race Weekend

We are happy to announce the 2nd annual SM Racing Invitational for both members and non-members! The 2018 Invitational will take place during our December Race weekend, the 13th to the 16th. To keep your skills sharp, make sure to come back in October for our next race weekend on the 12th and 13th. We will be running the Clark (B) configuration. We look forward to seeing you back at the track!

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