InterACTION - February 2019 Saving Babies in Siberia

By an InterAct Missionary

A contented smile radiates from Grace’s* face with a baby in her arms.

Most people are enamored by babies, but Grace’s love for them literally saves the lives of unborn babies on a regular basis.

Grace worked as a midwife in the U.S. before being called to missions. Already a skilled midwife, she added years of missions training which prepared her to work in another culture, effectively share the gospel, and disciple people who hold a different worldview.

*Name changed

Fifteen-years ago, Grace left for Russia to serve among an indigenous people group of Siberia and didn’t actually consider herself a medical missionary. She discipled women in a local church, but before long, God brought openings to use her experience and expertise in the lives of pregnant women. Now, opportunities to give check-ups to pregnant ladies happen not only in her local town where she serves, but even when she’s on the road. Before each trip, Grace will pray and ask God which of her equipment she should bring along, and it’s amazing to see His hand at work!

Recently, Grace and her friends had barely arrived in a central Asian country, when she was told of a woman in a nearby town whose doctors recommended abortion to resolve her problematic pregnancy. The woman was to meet with her at a specific bus stop in two- days. When Grace stepped off the bus, it didn’t take long for she and her friends to find the expectant mother.

Quickly they located a nearby yurt and paid the owner a small sum to use the enclosure for an examination. After the exam, checking the baby’s heartbeat and receiving recommendations for a healthy pregnancy and birth...

the woman was assured there was no need to terminate her baby’s life.

Russia has made leaps and bounds over the last decade, but when Grace first arrived on the field,

the average woman had more than five abortions before she gave birth to her first child.

While birth control has brought this number down significantly, doctors tend to prescribe abortion at any sign of possible abnormality in the pregnancy. This is precisely the opportunity for Grace to come in and save a life.

Everyone in her church knows about her expertise, so when they have a coworker or an acquaintance in the middle of a pregnancy with complications, they suggest meeting with Grace. Her service not only opens opportunities for the gospel and showing God’s love in a very practical way, on a regular basis she saves lives of unborn babies by debunking wrong advice or assuring mothers that their babies are healthy.

As her teammate, my respect for Grace continues to grow. She could be living a comfortable life and making a good salary as a midwife in the U.S. Instead, she chose to follow God’s call into missions and God has opened doors using her giftings, knowledge, and obedience to make His name famous in an isolated region of the world. Even suffering from a long-term autoimmune disease, has not stopped her from serving.

Are you ready to go, if and when God calls you? InterAct’s Russia Field needs people with unique expertise and experiences to reach areas that are difficult to enter. Does God have an unexpected plan for your experience with colleges, academics, teaching English, or medical knowledge? Could God use your interest in homesteading, adventure, or languages? The best way to find out is to ask Him!

Please join us in praying for Grace, for her ministry and health, and for more workers on the Russia field.

Siberia Needs Selfless Servants

by Dale Smith, Executive Director, InterAct Ministries

Grace is a personal friend and I have had the privilege of seeing her ministry up close and in action. I can say without a doubt that because of her presence and ministry in Russia, lives have been impacted both in the present and for eternity.

As you read her story, you hear of a lady who has given up her own dreams and instead has submitted to His Lordship. The fruit of this submission has not always been easy. She's has left family, faced disease while a long way from her home support system, faced loneliness and so much more. God still calls people to sacrifice, to give up their small ambitions and sell out everything for His cause! There continues to be a great need for selfless servants to share the good news that is available in Jesus. Is God calling you to give up short term pleasure and comfort for the eternal blessing of serving Him in a difficult place like Russia? If so, submitting to His call is a move you will never regret!

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