Julianne Bridgeman Real Estate and Marketing Professional

As a 17-year real estate professional, I have always believed that I am not in the housing business but rather in the people business. My approach, therefore, is to first and foremost foster strong relationships by setting mutual reasonable and attainable expectations, sharing honest feedback, assembling a team of professionals, and communicating in a timely, effective manner. With this as a foundation, I help my clients reach their ultimate goal ... the sale or acquisition of property.

It All Starts with a Plan!

You must start with a detailed plan and execute it. There is no winging it!

  • Communicate the plan
  • Enlist concierge services
  • Prepare the property
  • Gather marketing materials
  • Communicate the plan again
  • Expose the property to all prospective buyers
  • Find the best buyer
  • Set expectations
  • Communicate the plan again
  • Be on top of the details
  • Create Clients for Life
704 Brush Hill Rd, Milton, Sold $1,625,000

I further believe that all properties, no matter the price point, deserve luxury marketing starting with a comprehensive review of your property. How do we, as a team, show your residence to prospective buyers in the most appealing light? My mantra, "You don't see what you see everyday."

Moving room to room, we assess: Rearrange furniture ... to open the space. Identify clutter points ... to relax the room. Arrange your beautiful collections ... to increase their impact. We don't always live in perfection, but buyers will more likely respond to it!

Professional Staging

Our Objective: Staging enables buyers to more easily imagine themselves living there. Virtual/digital staging of empty rooms is also easily accommodated.

My Goal: Present your property at its best.

30 Fox Hill Ln, Milton, Sold $1,999,000

Professional Photography

Professional photography is afforded to every property, with drone imagery utilized, when appropriate, to highlight either superior surroundings or special features.

175 Milton St, Unit 14, Milton, Sold $522,750

High-End Custom Brochures and Marketing Packages

A high quality piece leaves a lasting impression and, by extension, sets a property apart as one of distinction. A digital version is also created as part of a multi-page, comprehensive marketing package, including a floor plan, plot plan, list of improvements and property features. Considerable detail is delivered; buyers' potential questions have been anticipated.

1431 Brush Hill Rd, Milton, Sold $3,600,000

21st Century Marketing

It's more than just website exposure. Social media campaigns, retargeting ads and behavioral targeting ads are additional tools for increasing property exposure.

You're Not Selling 2,500 Square Feet!

Tired property descriptions which seem more like regurgitated bullet points will hardly inspire. Buyers want to be swept off their feet, subliminally motivated by action words and intrinsic feelings. Every property receives a well-crafted description to do just that!

My Goal: Treat each client and their property as unique and deserving of an original plan.

46 Kenilworth Rd, Milton, Sold $1,225,000

Expose the Property to All Prospective Buyers:

Our Objective: Present your property to the open market, inclusive of all buyers. Every buyer with an interest in the property will have an opportunity to see it, netting you the best price and terms.

My goal: Find you the best buyer, not the first buyer.

164 Hinckley Rd, Milton, Sold $1,650,000

Showcasing with Video

A thoughtfully planned video to showcase property features augments the marketing efforts.

71 Columbine Rd, Milton, Sold $1,825,000

Clear, Consistent and Constant Communication

Our Objective: Keep you informed of the plan from beginning to end, supporting you throughout the process.

My Goal: Create Clients for Life

202 Reedsdale Rd, Milton, Sold $1,300,000

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