Israel and Palestine By johnathon waddell

During 1880 and 1940 the Jews immigrated near Palestine which is located near Jerusalem. After the Jews migrated they began getting threats and bombed by the Pakistan due to them living in their land. The Pakistan reason to hate the Jews is because the Jews came to Israel and they see the people as a threat.
The issue is that the the Palestine and Israel both seem to claim that Israel is there own land.They've been fighting over 60 years to get this land from each other,
The conflict between the two countries caused arguments leading to some plastine attacking Israel with bombs. Due to this issue the Israel army would check people's t shirt and id to see if there isn't anything suspcious.
The Oslo accord was a treaty for peace with Israel and Palestine. The accord didn't progress well. Uri karzen who settled in Hebron Sid that neither Palestine and Israel can't coexist with each other. There still fighting Israel is still protecting there country from the Palestine.


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