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HS Learn is an educational program designed and developed by the HyperScience team. It is inspired by the desire to spread the enthusiasm and knowledge about Machine Learning among the community in Bulgaria. The first course, part of the program, is dedicated to Deep Learning.

Past Lectures

June 27, 2018 I 19:00-21:00

Deep Generative Modelling

June 13, 2018 I 19:00-21:00

Recurrent Neural Networks, LSTM, GRU, Attention, Sequence to Sequence Learning

May 30, 2018 I 19:00-21:00

Word Embeddings

May 16, 2018 I 19:00-21:00

Reinforcement Learning

May 2, 2018 I 19:00-21:00

Optimization for Training Large and Deep Models

April 18, 2018 I 19:00-21:00

Object detection, localization and image segmentation

April 4, 2018 I 19:00-21:00

Playing with image models

March 21, 2018 I 19:00-21:00

Introduction to TensorFlow

March 7, 2018 I 19:00-21:00

Convolutional neural networks for image classification

February 21, 2018 I 19:00-21:00

Evaluation Metrics for Machine Learning

February 7, 2018 I 19:00-21:00

Backpropagation & Gradient Descent

January 24, 2018 I 19:00 -21:00

Machine Learning - Definition, History, Present & Future, Applications


Alexander Georgiev, ML Engineer

Alexander Georgiev is a computer geek spending much of his time coding. His love for programming developed at the age of 15 when he first discovered algorithm competitions. He obtained a Computer Science degree at Sofia University where he currently teaches courses of his own. His career path goes through companies like Facebook and Google, but in the recent years he has oriented himself towards smaller companies where he can pursue his interest in machine learning. In his free time you can often find him playing board games, hanging out with friends, or watching DotA2 tournaments.

Ivaylo Strandjev, ML Engineer

Ivaylo Strandjev acquired master's degree subject Artificial Intelligence from the Sofia University in 2012. He has also been teaching assistent in various subjects in the Sofia University since 2007. Prior to HyperScience Ivaylo has worked in VMware Bulgaria, Everbread Ltd. and he has been an intern in Google Zurich twice. Ivaylo has a long record of doing maths/computer programming competitions and has multiple awards. He has also been coaching the computer programming teams of Sofia University for several years.

Petko Nikolov, ML Engineer

Petko Nikolov is a Software Engineer at HyperScience. Over the past 3 years, Petko has worked on various machine learning problems. He received a masters degree in AI from The University of Edinburgh in 2012. Before joining HyperScience he has also worked at SoundCloud where his focus was extracting information from music. Passionate about AI and Deep Learning.

Iliya Tsekov, ML Engineer

Iliya Tsekov has graduated Mechanical Engineering in MIT. Currently, he is a part of the ML Team in HyperScience, in which he works on the machine reading of scanned documents. Prior to joining HyperScience, he has worked on various projects in Think Tank Team of Samsung Research America, as well as on social robots in MIT Media Lab. Iliya is a R&D Engineer, who has deep knowledge into mathematics, mechanical engineering and algos development for DSP. For the last three years, he has been occupied with his latest passion - machine learning. As a student in Sofia High School of Mathematics and Yambol High School of Mathematics, has was a part of the Bulgarian national team of mathematics and represented Bulgaria on many international olympiads and contests.

Ekaterina Mihaylova, Co-Founder & CTO, Majio

Katya is CTO at Majio and has worked on the AI behind Sloth.Works - platform for matching IT specialist with jobs. Her specialty is NLP (Natural Language Processing). She has interest in AI, linguistics, teaching and idiotically named things.

Daniel Balchev, ML Engineer

Daniel Balchev has been into some sort of programming for nearly 10 years, starting with programming competitions and then acquiring (near fully-A) degrees in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence. He’s passionate about machine learning almost since hearing about it for the first time. Before HS, he was working in Maj.io, developing and evaluating algorithms matching people with a job they will like. Other interests include board games, data science, applied mathematics (statistics, game theory) and economics.

Danail Koychev, ML Engineer

Danail Koychev is an engineer in the HyperScience ML team. Lately, the focus of his work has been developing visual and geometrical models to improve extraction of high level document semantics - implicit relationships not contained in the text, which represent a major challenge for understanding documents with no pre-defind structure or topic. As a FMI alumnus, Danail is passionate about applied mathematics and algorithms. He’s also a huge enthusiast in reinforcement learning and automatic game playing (and of course, old-style human game playing)
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HS Learn is our way to share our passion and knowledge on ML with the community and, also, to get to meet all of you" Krasimir Marinov, Co-founder, HyperScience
Sofia, Sopharma Business Towers, Building B, Floor 3

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