Cozy Embrace the child in your heart

Cozy Noodle & Rice is a Thai restaurant opened in Evanston in 2001. Blended with American and Asian culture, the restaurant is uniquely decorated and it stands out from a range of Thai restaurants. The restaurant is filled with a huge collection of toys that draw you right back into your childhood memories. The dining experience here compares to no other! Come and explore!

Jump in! Here's to the child in your heart!

Can you still recall your favorite game box back then?
Remember all those radios that might be your side in the summer night? Guess where you can find them now.
You just can't imagine how HUGE the collection of plates, jars, bottles and baubles you're about to see here. The founder Tee hunts these treasures from flee market, junk stores and pawn shops. Recent years, after being exhausted for collecting license plates from flee markets all over the place, he started to look them up on the Internet and built on his collection.
Collections alone can't cover Cozy's uniqueness.
Hey, look up on the roof !
Or look down on the table.
If you're careful enough, you'll find the vintage touch in this place too.
Oh by the way, they do have decent food!
All you can find at: Cozy Noodles&Rice @ 1018 Davis st, Evanston, IL 60201.
Created By
Jiawei Wang

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