Technology Changing The Way of Music

Music back in the day didn't believe that technology wouldn't be able to change anything in there music. Although most artist use technology's advancements to there music to make them more creative and unique. Through that more artist started to appear and more genre of music out of the many artist the most popular ones are daft punk, Skrillex, Porter Robinson, Vocaloid and Martin Garrix.

As times pass by technology has become more and more advance and everyone is able to access it

For each unique piece, music keeps people alive and for each note that is played there emotion for each word that is sung there is story being told.

most people don't believe that some of theses artists are real musicians because they are not using real intruments

For Daft Punk are one of the unique due because they have used many different elements and put into there own style of music using technology for each other albums they used a specific genre and use technology to change it up they started out with disco and from there they moved on to many other genres.


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