Print Making Portfolio

The goal for the project was to create 10 prints based on a endangered animal or plants around the world.

This is the Indochinese Tiger, In 2010, WWF sounded the alarm for the Indochinese tiger because the population of this subspecies had fallen by more than 70% in just over a decade.

We had to pick 4 different types of animals. I chose a tiger, and 3 other types off fish.

For my sketches, I wanted to do an animal which I really enjoyed, or my favorite animal. So my first option was a tiger!

The sketch I wanted to do was the Tiger.

My first sketch of the Indochinese Tiger

Next, I got feedback.

I forgot to get progress pictures during when I was carving, but it was hard to add in detail with the smallest carving tool.

This is what my first print looks like, as you can see I needed to make some changes.

What I did to fix the problems is I made the gap bigger between the eye ball and pupil, to make the Tiger look real.

Soon I made 10!

I really enjoyed this unit. I liked how my artwork turned out with the detailing in the tiger.

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