Adventure of a lifetime By Danielle, Branson, and Malcolm

The milieu of chapter one is a pond just off the road where the life is bustling and animals everywhere are swimming flying etc. Steinbeck shows how water is very important to everything in the ecosystem. When the men come the whole pond is chaotic everything scampers away. Then the place is “lifeless” and silent. This is how steinbeck is saying that men trample nature and take it away. When lennie and george get to the pond lennie takes “long gulps” of water and this is a sign of him not being bright. Then lennie finds a dead mouse and plays with it then george throws it across the lake. It shows how powerful humans really are.

The milieu of chapter two is George and Lennie are in a bunkhouse that was rectangular and very long. Inside the house the walls were whitewashed and the floor was unpainted. In three of the walls there were small windows. One door in the fourth wall. When the light shines through the window it is much bigger than just light going through a window. It shows that their is hope for the day. As they land a job on a ranch later in that chapter. “Over each bunk there was nailed an apple box”.(Steinbeck 17) These apple boxes were filled with little things that you might need. This shows how the bunkhouse gives the feeling of being at home.

In Of Mice and Men the first two chapters have very different milieu’s. In the first chapter Steinbeck describes the lake and how peaceful it was with no one bothering them. The second chapter Steinbeck describes the bunkhouse and how busy the atmosphere got. The atmosphere changes from being quiet and not so much going on, to busy and loud. By the lake there was no one in sight, only Lennie and George. The lake was off by the road and animals were everywhere. In the beginning of the chapters it says “Rabbits came out of the brush to sit on the sand.” (Steinbeck 1) Steinbeck describes the milieu as somewhere that is relaxing and there are no worries. In chapter two the author describes the bunkhouse and where they work. He describes the people that they have to be with and just how different it is from the lake. He describes “Table littered with playing cards… players to sit on.” (Steinbeck 17) This explains how more involved the milieu in chapter two is with the world and how different it is from being by alone on the shore of the lake

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