These cookies strike that sweet spot, where food and medicine make magic!

- Michael Jackson n


Our line of Full Spectrum CBD Honey Almond Nuggets are


  • Dairy
  • Eggs
  • Gluten
  • Grain
  • GMOs
  • Perservatives
  • Added Sugar

Every cookie is abundantly infused with 10mg Full Spectrum Hemp Extract!

We currently craft 2 flavors:

Golden Turmeric

Golden Turmeric

Cacao + Maca

Cacao + Maca

“Pollinator Friendly” Sourcing

We proudly source our raw ingredients from Organically certified producers who are dedicated to regenerative land management practices that foster pollinator species. From the Bees to the Butterflies, our farmers are fostering healthy chemical free habitats for our special friends!

We are proud to announce that we have newly partnered with PURE Honey and Henry’s Bullfrog Bees Apiary in Winters, CA, a small scale family owned and operated business that’s been tending bees for 8 generations! Visit the gnomies of Henry’s Honey Gnome Clan in the link below to learn about how they’re ethically and responsibly beetending!

Handmade with MAGIC in Mendocino Co., CA

We are farmers, crafters, and dreamers passionately creating in Mendocino County of Northern California. We diligently handcraft each and every cookie with loving intentions in a certified kitchen fresh weekly. We are a Tribe of Gnomes creating magic in sweet cookie dimensions and engaging in Blissness, not business, with our community directly.

We hire local, source local, and advocate local, and are minority and woman owned! We love the people and bioregion of Northern California and the Pacific Northwest, and we are proud to overall be positively engaging our regional community and environment through delicious hemp goodies. Organic, Ethical, and Regenerative everything are 3 topics that we passionately apply in both our cookie and non-cookie lives. We believe that this cookie venture is what social magic making looks like; we are the continuation of the social magic movement in food form!

Become part of our movement!

Full Spectrum CBD

Ethically and organically sourced from the High Plains of Colorado, we only use Full Spectrum CBD oil in our CBD Honey Almond Nuggets. The whole plant extract we use is rich in a Full Spectrum Cannabinoid profile from CBD to THC to CBG and the naturally occurring fats, lipids, and terpenes in hemp that give this plant medicine a strong “entourage effect”. The presence of a rich profile of compounds increases the overall efficacy of CBD oil providing one the best experience of the magic of Hemp! Our oil and Honey Almond Nuggets are all 3rd Party Tested to ensure potency and purity, and test results can be verified below!

This product contains >0.3% Hemp-derived THC by weight.

American Regenerative Hemp

We are proud to support sungrown Hemp that is lovingly cultivated in No-till LIVING SOIL high in the mountains of Colorado! We are dedicated to supporting locally grown hemp and small to medium scale hemp farmers as the political climate in the United States matures and opens space for this powerful plant medicine to thrive. The farmers we have proudly partnered with at Cloud Co Farms have been rigoursly evaluated to guarantee a committed regenerative agricultural philosophy and a top quality product that fully demonstrates the magic of Medicinal Hemp and Regenerative Farming.

Follow the link below to visit Cloud Co Farms’ Instagram page to explore the beauty and abundance thriving in Colorado!

And for those of you interested: Currently the Medicinal Hemp cultivar that we source for our CBD Honey Almond Nuggets is named Cherry Wine, and it is rich in flavor, potency, and terpenes. This strain can be explored below!

California Organic + Gluten Free Almond Flour

A rareity in the baking world, we are proudly able to sing that we use only California grown both Certified Gluten-free & Organic Almond Flour. We are highly dedicated to the health and wellness of your body, our bees, and overall our environment, and we are excited to partner with quality farmers and vendors that share our guiding philosophies in order to do so. We are excited to be supporting California agriculture done organically and ethically for the bees and the trees. We also, all-to-well, understand that stumbling upon a knee melting snack that’s all organic, with no eggs or dairy, and is gluten-free doesn’t happen often!

Bulk & Wholesale Pricing Available

Wish to carry our yummy CBD or Non-Infused Honey Almond Cookies in your deli or on your shelves? We would love to make that happen! Message The Gnomes below for a price sheet and minimums and let the magic begin!

Choose Bliss, Choose OhmGnomes!

When you choose OhmGnomes, you’re supporting a Worldwide Magical Tribe of Gnomes dedicated to raising the standards for Food & Medicine here and abroad! We believe it is our gift to the world to provide ETHICALLY AND ORGANICALLY SOURCED munchies that directly support farmers, regenerative farming and land management, and more robust local and distant marketplaces. We craft and create to bring more magic, wellness, and love into the lives of all magical beings one cookie at a time, and with your support we together can make our wonderful earthly realms a better place for all!

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