Sailing the Greek Islands Part II

Last October 2015, we sailed the Greek Islands for the second time. Three couples from Munich, New York and Maryland converged in Kos to sail for the next 2 weeks to Kalymnos - Arki - Astypalea - Ios - Santorini - Folegandros - Milos - Kythnos - Aegina - and back to Athens. Here's our story.

Our sailing route


We pick up our Sailboat in the KOS Marina, the Jeanneau 53 Alkyoni. Image by Michael Girman


The only island we repeated from our first sail was Kalymnos, known as the "sponge-divers" island. Bob and I both remembered the Fjord-like quality to Vathy and we all returned for the food at Poppy's Taverna.

The Fjords don't see to be as towering as we remembered it. Image by Michael Girman
The town of Vathy. Swimming early morning. Images by Michael Girman
Vathy scenes. Iphone images by Tesa Totengco


The only taverna in this cove serving the best grilled lamb and donuts. Image by Michael Girman
Waters so clear and cool, outdoor showers were de rigueur. Iphone image by Tesa Totengco


I spent my 52nd birthday here. Our dinghy motor broke and we couldn't get ashore, so Frankie and Gabriele whipped up a fab dinner on board and we played charades afterwards. Image by Michael Girman


From the hilltop, you can see Santorini in the distance. Image by Michael Girman


Awe inspiring landscape. Image by Michael Girman
Simply breathtaking. Image by Michael Girman
View as we approach from the ferry. Image by Michael Girman


The Chora of Folegandros, empty and quiet now that the tourist season is over. Image by Michael Girman
Images by Michael Girman


By the time we got to Milos, we got our dinghy motor fixed. Unfortunately we couldn't stay longer because of a coming storm and we had to make our way back to Athens. Image by Michael Girman


We celebrated Frankie's 52nd birthday here, by the waters, among the ducks and cats. Image by Michael Girman
Iphone image by Tesa Totengco


Port of Aegina. Image by Frankie Drogin
Our last port of call before heading back to Athens. Image by Michael Girman

The Sailors

Jurgen the captain, Bob the first mate, Michael the engineer
Yup, they're all having a good laugh at us.

The wenches

Gabriele the smutje, Frankie the breakfast cook, Tesa the wifi finder
Yup, we're smiling at them.


It isn't easy traveling in such close quarters with a small group. I've been thinking of why we even had more fun on the second sail. Sure it helped that we already knew the pace, routine and rigor. Sea-sickness was just a gag. Global warming blessed us with warm weather. We had a bigger boat hence a smoother sail.

But I truly believe that our formula worked because our chemistry worked: love is all you need! And if you triple that formula over 2 weeks, well that's just makes for one helluva trip. As first mate Bob adds, "Well, that plus a stiff breeze off the beam, fair skies above, following seas and a sense of adventure. On to the next one!"

Jurgen & Gabriele from Munich
Michael & Tesa from New York
Bob & Frankie from Maryland
Group Selfie
Our boat and the crew all on deck. Ready for the next sailing trip.
Created By
Tesa Totengco


Photos by Michael Girman on Canon 5Dmkiii & Tesa Totengco on Iphone6

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