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Chad and I have been Married 22 Years! He is my Best friend and rock!! He works harder than he should and gives everything selflessly. Even in hard times, I never worried. I new I could depend on him.

Love this big guy!!

With his support and encouragement I came home to raise our babies. I returned to the working world after 9 years when a job came open in their elementary school. I've been very blessed to have been present in every moment.

These are the moments you don't want to miss!!😍

Now well into our 40s we have seen how hard life can be on the ones we love. We have lost many family members and friends. Some way to soon. Chad's Father passed away just a year after his retirement. I realized the road we were on would be very similar if something didn't change.

  • Would we have the financial freedom it takes to really enjoy a retirement?
  • Would we be able to retire and still have our health?
  • Would we be able to help our family when they needed it?
  • What would we be able to leave our children?

My sidekick

A lot happened in 2017!!

Growing up fast!! 💙Family

So, you can continue on doing what your doing OR you can make a change. Do something that is going to get you closer to living the life you want to live!!

When I was introduced to Rodan + Fields, I admittedly was very closed minded. I needed to work harder! I didn't have the time or interest to "sell" anything!! It took less than 24 hours for God to show me I was wrong . He was giving me something I didn't know I needed and I certainly wasn't looking for!

Loving our journey!

I have joined a community of Achievers! Like minded people that realize there is another way. By following a proven business model and joining forces with the most recognized Doctors on the planet, I am able to provide a support to my family that would have never been possible before!

Training with 5 Million Dollor earner~Jacqueline Qualls

Here's the thing; I am your friend whether directly or indirectly and I have a personal story with these products. I am proof that they work!! I would ask you to trust my heart and my intentions. I talk about the products because they CHANGED MY LIFE!! If there's a slight chance they could change yours too, then it's worth sharing.

Level V Lunch & Training
CEO of YOU!!
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