Problem-solving skills Skills of management



Question: Identify the problem-solving process

  • Transparent Communication - freely communicate the problem to your peers
  • Break Down Silos - enable a boundary-less organisation whose culture is focused on the betterment of a healthier whole
  • Open-minded People
  • A Solid Foundational Strategy - A solid strategy must be implemented in order to solve any problem

Question: As a manager in the workplace, how would you promote the importance of adopting good problem-solving skills.

I would promote good problem-solving skills through the way I run the business. I would encourage my employees to freely say what is on their mind without ever disincouraging their idea's with bad intentions. I would also make sure that when we do discover a problem we come up wiht a solid strategy create from a range of idea's. I would also make sure my business's enviroement is very friendly, allowing my employees to feel comfortable and safe, encouraging their committment to the job.

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