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We’ve heard you’re thinking about getting a Vision Critical insight community

You’ve cottoned on to all the benefits our new Sparq3 tool will give you

But occasionally you don’t have the time or resource to get to grips with a new insight tool, let alone get the most out of it

We are insight @Vision Critical

Nice to meet you.


We're here to help you get the most out of your investment

We do this by creating community centric research methodologies tailored to answer your business questions

Our new and improved Sparq3 technology gives you the platform to do amazing things

But sometimes you need a bit more brain power and an extra pair of hands to help piece it all together.

This is where we come in.

Whether you need us to top up your resource every once in a while, or to be a full time extension of your team, we can fully flex to meet your exact needs.

Online research doesn’t just mean quick turnaround surveys and light touch discussion forums (although we are really good at these).

Over the years we’ve developed a framework of research applications that span the full innovation funnel and customer experience.

The Vision Critical Research Framework

We like to think of communities as labs to test out the latest and greatest in research, as well as tried and tested methods.

Our extended family of carefully selected research partners, technology plug-ins and country specific expertise ensure our clients have access to a full spectrum of global research expertise and innovations.

  • On and offline focus groups
  • Video capture
  • Mobile ethnography
  • Implicit response testing
  • Remote user experience testing
  • Passive tracking
  • In market moderators
  • Advanced analytics
  • Face to face quant

We're always scanning the market for what's new; seeking out interesting ways to expand our research repertoire and push the boundaries of what's possible on a community.

Flexible reporting capabilities ensure critical insights reach the right people in your business. Quickly. With impact.

Real time shareable insights

Easily digestable infographics

And traditional graphical reports with expertly crafted stories

Creative community activation programmes will make you and your community famous

Here's what we've been up to recently

We’re driving new product development insights for a leading manufacturer of kitchen appliances using a long term multi market community of 10,000 foodies

The Big Question:How can we ensure the success of a new ‘design led’ breakfast set (that’s a kettle and toaster combo to you and me)?

The Approach: Iteration here was key. We started by screening 10 concepts monadically to whittle it down to 3, and ran a forum alongside it to understand reactions to innovative but unusual use of materials. More concept testing surveys and forums ranked the new ideas and helped to suggest improvements. Later on, a TURF analysis defined the ultimate colour combinations for maximum reach.

The Impact: 3 happy groups of stakeholders! Innovation engineers took 10 ideas down to 3, the product development team refined it and then the marketing team chose a fitting logo. Finished product due to be launched in September 2017

And one more thing...This client has no insight team. Vision Critical are the research lynch pin; working directly with stakeholder groups to show them how insight can help their department. Creative delivery and internal PR events bring the community to life. Recently, we've featured stat bombs attached to community branded cup cakes, and learning to make dim sum with customers.

How we are helping a global telecoms brand ‘test and learn’ throughout proposition trials to improve their offer with a community of technological early adopters.

The Big Question: To what extent is a new insurance bundle and its elements fit for purpose?

The Approach: An agile community approach allowed our client to test multiple elements of the proposition iteratively, learning and adapting at each stage. On this particular occasion we combined usage and attitudes surveys, remote UX testing, tracking surveys and forums to capture feedback on the ongoing usage trial which lasted 4 weeks.

The Impact: The proposition was simplified by dropping an unpopular element of the bundle, allowing the client to mitigate the cost of launching something that wouldn’t resonate in the market. Furthermore, through an in depth understanding of perceived strengths, we were able to guide the proposition messaging.

And one more thing…With three Vision Critical communities and a fourth on the way, this client is embedding agile insight into all areas of their business


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