Water Scarcity jay willcock teacher mrs black

Physical and Econimic water scarcity: Physical water scarcity is when there is not enough water in their envioment. Economics is when there is no infrastructure to supply or clean water

Things that cause water scarcity:1 Pollution can cause the water to be not clean and have oil in and bad to drink.2 Distance when you are to far away from the water so it is harder to get. 3 Conflict is when an area of land may be harder to get the water.

Egypt is located in the north west of Africa

I chose this map because it shows how people live in Egypt

it describes how people live in Egypt. Most of them are living near the ocean u can at least get enough water and only a few are in the middle if your in the middle your not getting a lot of water and the water they drink is not really clean

The environment has affected the availability of water in Egypt because the only place they can get fresh water is at the Nile river if anything happens to it it can cause the people in Egypt to thirst.

Things that can happen to people,places and environment in Egypt is the Nile river.and that river is getting polluted if more bad things happen where would the people go to get fresh water

This graph really shows that Egypt does not get enough water because the sunshine and temp is very high so the wet weather is very very rare

Egypt are trying to stop water scarcity by reducing their water for plants by drip irrigation


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