Important Relationships Justin Zwigart Mockingbird project


Atticus is the father of Jem and Scout. he is a very intelligent man that is also wise. Atticus taught scout how to read by letting her sit on his lap and read to her. he is a lawyer and teaches scout that to fully understand someone you have to actually go through what they have and walk around in their own shoes.


Jem is scout's brother he teaches her that it is important to be nice and do what your parents tell you to do. when Jem is told to read to Mrs. Dubose he does it even though he does not want to. when Jem and scout both go to Mrs. Dubose to read they both listen to Atticus when they were told and went to read.


Calpurnia is the maid of the Finch's she very respectful to everyone. When Calpurnia takes scout to church a women talks bad to them and Calpurnia instead of fighting resolves the issue and respects the women. Scout notices this and became more respectful to others and learned self-control.

Boo Radley

Boo Radley is a boy that is very curious and eager about new things. He is the son of Mr. Radley. Scout knows Boo because he is the one that gave her a blanket when they were watching the fire from a distance. She learns from Boo that do not judge someone because of who they are and where they came from but how they act.

Judge Taylor

Judge Taylor is guy that treats everyone equal and follows his own thoughts. Scout knows Judge Taylor because he is a good friend of Atticus and the Judge for Tom Robinson's case. When Judge Taylor is siding with Atticus but doesn't actually this crosses Bob's boundaries and gets mad. Scout learned from Taylor that to follow your own thoughts you have to cross people's lines.

Derrick Zwigart

Derrick Zwigart is my brother we have been through thick and thin he has taught me how to live life to the fullest and have fun. When we were getting in trouble for breaking a window Derrick and me thought we would make it a game. we started to play hide and seek with my parents to avoid trouble and mess with them. I noticed when we were running and i looked back at him that he was depressed it made me realize that it wasn't right we had made a bad choice. We talked it out and we ran back to our parents and that made me have integrity and respect for others.

Debbie Mcnabb

Debbie Mcnabb is my grandma she taught me everything i needed to know. When i was a toddler i remember my grandma teaching me how to climb. She wanted me to learn so she made me climb a course that she built (not on purpose just saw it as one.) She made me realize that if you feel like you succeeded you have succeeded.

Tyler Witte

Tyler Witte is my little brother he sits inside all day and plays the computer. It is a negative example because he doesn't get any exercise and can do little things such as getting the newspaper and riding his bike. He cannot bring in the milk from the car after grocery shopping so i had to help him. He also cannot open a pop can.(the ones with the tabs). It helps me with learning how to help others be able to care or help themselves in difficult situations.

John Mcnabb

John Mcnabb is my cousin he showed me that if you put your mind to it you can achieve what you want. He went to state and placed but was out. He is the grandson of my grandma Debbie. He is a positive aspect in my life and i hope to be like him.

George Mcnabb

George Mcnabb is my uncle he is an air force engineer and has done a lot of things that i wouldn't think would happen in my life. When he was doing a survival fitness training he had gotten frostbite and so he had to be sent back home and to the hospital to get his foot treated. This made me Feel like it okay to welcome new things and try for yourself.


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