a light in the dark By seth woolard

My theme is a light in the dark. I chose this theme because I want to show that there will always be a way out of the dark and sometimes that the dark will never prevail.

My art to me is a way to show people how I feel about living in this world. Telling them that I believe that there is always a light in the dark. I would like to think that my art is as special to others as it is to me.

What I hope people will get out of this book is that light will always show in the dark no matter how small. I hope that they know that when there is only dark that they will be the light in the dark.

Horizontal Lines and Cover Art
Fill the Frame
Small Scale
Rule of Thirds
Black and White
Portrait, Eyeline
Color Psychology
Diagonal line
Framing Device

I am Seth Woolard I am 15 and currently attending Hela high school. Trying not to drown in the school work. I am still making time to go hunting, train my dog and learning how to drive. I have always thought it would be cool to be a photographer but it is a lot of work. But it is worth it at the end. Now how I got here.

I was born October 31, 2001, in Salem, Oregon and lived there for about three years then I moved to Vancouver, Washington and have lived there since. My mother is working on her Ph.D. in nursing and my dad is a work site manager. I was raised the same as any other red blooded true American. Hunting, fishing and loving every day of my life.

I have the dream to be a game, Warden. That would be the life, walking around the forest catching poachers and helping people with their lines in a knot. But right now I have to graduate from high school and will probably be forced to go to college but who knows.

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Seth Woolard

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