Oil spills in Nigeria sophia Liebermann

Did you know that in the Niger Delta of Southern Nigeria is in an oil crisis? Well that's what's happening, over fifty five million eight hundred nine thousand liters, spilled.

Nigeria used to be a place with a surplus of fish in pure water and a beautiful lush scenery. But now the oil has turned the ground to BLACK SLUDGE.

When Shell came they said That if they found oil then they'll transform our community. -Emadee roberts Kpai, Nigeria

Pipe lines run under the ground of Southern Nigeria but have been broken into by the locals. In Nigeria there is not enough jobs so men have to resort to stealing crude oil from pipelines

In a court case Shell is at fault for these spills. Shell knew that their pipes were corroded and e-mails were sent, but they didn't do anything about the pipes.

The Government is at fault because they don't have enough jobs for the people. They could build an oil factory but instead the choose to buy from other countries.

Shell has claimed they've cleaned up the oil spill, but they haven't

Shell is not willing to pay for cleaning up the spilled oil, instead they have young boys set fire to the oil so it cannot go anywhere. That may stop the oil from traveling but, it causes lots of environmental damages.

⬇️️donate to help clean the Niger delta!⬇️️

Go to this link just copy and paste https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/campaigns/2015/11/shell-clean-up-oil-pollution-niger-delta/

thank you Amnesty International, Google and Spark Adobe


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