My Own Country By Pennywise

Straight Ahead

1999 | Punk

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“Fools run the government sick foreign policy. -- Their words sound valiant but their hands are green. -- Unending quest for power, taxes that make us slaves. -- Don't believe a word of it, ignore the fucked up things they say."


  • The album hit #62 on the Billboard 200.
  • Straight Ahead is the fifth studio album by Pennywise and features single "Alien".
  • The albums bonus track "Down Under" from the album´s Australian/New Zealand release is a cover of the Men at Work song.


Luke Tatum

This album art is strongly reminiscent of KMFDM, which is a good thing. The tune itself is wildly individualistic, which is another good thing. "Give me liberty or give me death, I am my own country." And hey, we've got plenty to worry about with ourselves, right? The absolutely absurd levels of hubris required to run the lives of others seem to be so readily available to people. We should investigate our own personal flaws, and improve ourselves. The end of the song reminds me of this: "It's all me; No secret police."

Sherry Voluntary

"“Make my own philosophy U.S. of me, a citizen who's really pissed. United Anarchists, give me death or liberty. I am my own country”

Great tune! I am my own country! It may sound wild at first, but the more you think about it, the more it begins to make sense. The individual is the only one worthy to govern themselves, and no one is fit to govern another. Anarchy in a nutshell!"

Nicky P

It's hard not to listen to old punk albums and get wistful about a moment when it seemed like these bands gave a shit about freedom and bucking authority. When i look at how many of the so-cal punk bands i grew up listening to shilled for Hillary in the last election it's mind-boggling. This song reminds me of this video i see from time to time with this middle-aged dude bitching about all the punk and metal bands of his youth going soft. The guys who penned songs like this died somewhere. They're not the same people out there purporting to be in punk bands now.

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Nicky P

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