Package the Intangible Digital Art & Media Design Class Final Project

(Digital Art/ Media Design Class Left to Right: Ms. Rowe '97, Julie Kang '23, Amanda Quan '22, Lucas De La Vega '23, Jake Klein '23, & Mitali Vedula '21

Digital Art & Media Design

This course teaches the underlying principles, techniques, craft, and creative practices of using the computer for art and visual communication. For this term the final project is called Package the Intangible. Students were tasked with creating a package for a product that is for purchase at point-of-sale to a potential customer. The challenge is that the product must be something that cannot be touched in the real world (courage. integrity, love, etc). There was one more catch, the intangible product must have to do with social justice in some way or form, and all of the marketing and design must support that. The following projects are what the Digital Art & Media Design class students have created.

Mitali Vedula

Colorizm Logo
Colorizm Packaging
Colorizm Magazine AD
Package on display

Julie Kang

Privilege Pens Logo
Privilege Pens Packaging
Privilege Pens Magazine AD
Package on display

Lucas De La Vega

American Dream Logo
American Dream Packaging
American Dream Magazine AD
Package on display

Amanda Quan

Pop Tolerance Logo
Pop Tolerance Packaging
Pop Tolerance Magazine AD
Package on display

Jake Klein

Peace Core Logo
Peace Core Packaging
Peace Core Magazine AD
Package on display
We ask that you be selfless and think of others, take action, and be a part of the solution!

Package the Intangible Final Project

Digital Art & Media Design Fall Term 2020


Digital Art/Media Design class Fall Term 2.