Have an immediate impact on the life of a rescue animal!

Since 1983, people like you have been donating to help us rescue and find forever loving homes for over 9,000 dogs and cats throughout Utah that would otherwise be abandoned!
We focus our rescue efforts at the municipal level, saving dogs and cats in overcrowded shelters so they can have a healthy, happy future filled with love!

Thanks to your support, the Utah Animal Adoption Center can continue to dedicate our efforts to ending euthanasia in Utah!

Our work, however, is never done….

In 2020 the COVID-19 pandemic has increased the number of dogs and cats at shelters throughout Utah.

But we will persevere!
Our devoted team of volunteers, along with our Rescue Facility Manager are working relentlessly to rescue and care for these animals in need, while continuing their hard work caring for the animals already at our facility.

We need your help!

Giving Just $5/Month Will Help a Dog or Cat in Need Receive a Necessary Vaccination, Have Food to Eat, Help with Their Spay/Neutering. Every Donation Makes a Difference.
No matter how big or small the contribution, or how often it is made, the impact on the lives of these dogs and cats is unmeasurable!
Please consider making a tax deductible donation today.
From the bottom of our hearts we wish to thank you for your continued support!


Created with images by Jay Wennington - "untitled image" • Avi Richards - "This was a fun shot I took of my friends puppy in the car and it was the cutest thing ever. I developed this really cool lightroom preset that I’m calling outdoor carnival and I used it on this photo. Expect a lot more photos colored like this! I hope you like it :)" • Eric Ward - "The Happy Doggo" • Cong H - "untitled image" • Mikhail Vasilyev - "Side view of cat’s head"