Oakfield News Issue 93 - 28th May 2021

Due to the unusual week we've had the newsletter features fewer updates from the different year groups but it does have a number of images taken from round school over the last couple of weeks - we hope you enjoy!

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Note from our Head

Dear Oakfield families,

It has not exactly been the most straightforward of weeks to round off the half-term. Thank you to all of you who have once again exemplified your incredible support, understanding and adaptability as we had to temporarily close the Prep and then the Pre-Prep buildings this week given the positive test results. Thank you to the staff for adjusting to remote teaching once more, and to the whole Oakfield community in general for the spirit of partnership that shines through even in very trying circumstances.

I hope you all have lovely and safe half-terms, and we sincerely look forward to welcoming everyone back through the red gates on the 7th June.

Moyra Thompson


Mrs Fidler on her own this week but doesn't she do well!


We are sharing lots of things about the Oakfield Diploma on our social media platforms - especially Twitter and Instagram - that aren't on the newsletter. So get following us!

And Year 6 parents and carers can tag us @OakfieldPrep and use the hashtag #OakfieldDiploma2021 to show how their children have been engaging with the subjects and activities which are part of the Diploma.

This week we had a talk from textiles designer, illustrator and children's book author Lisa Strickley. She talked about how she pivoted her business into different areas to make it profitable and led her to animate a video about child hunger narrated by Marcus Rashford - which you can watch below!

Her stuff is absolutely lovely and you can see her shop of wonderful things here:



Year 3 has been learning about cubism this half term. First, they made portraits out of geometric shapes and then tried cutting multiple faces out of magazines to construct portraits of people.

Last week, their journey into cubism went 3D! Using foam board cut into irregular geometric shapes, Year 3 built gravity defying structures representing musical instruments, animals, cities and adventures into abstraction.

After half term, year 3 will look at the origins of geometric design when they explore the world of Ancient Roman mosaics.


The Year 1 children have been working very hard this week on their Assessments and deserved a treat at the end of the week. They enjoyed playing some board games and had a gorgeous picnic in Belair Park!

Clubs and Activities

Spanish Club

Dance Club

Some photos from dance club on Tuesday. They enjoyed following all the routines!


See the photo below of just some of our entries for the Royal Mail: Heroes of the Pandemic stamp design competition. All of Year 6 took part as well as the Year 5 members of the Tuesday Art Masterclass club.

Everyone was very excited at the prospect of their design becoming part of the history of the Royal Mail and serving as a reminder of all the amazing work that has been done across the county to get us through this challenging time.

Best of luck everyone!

Oakfield Bake Off

Do click and donate for Oakfield Bake Off - the efforts are absolutely outstanding!

Our Year 6 Leavers have been tasked with immortalising an Oakfield memory in a 'baked' form.

In the absence of being able to sample their mouthwatering creations, please let your imaginative tastebuds run wild and click on the creations you think are worthy of commendation.

We're sure you will be wowed by their creativity and skill. So please go ahead and indulge in a sugary feast with your eyes!

Your support will help them raise funds for their all important send-off from Oakfield; the Year 6 Big Wave Goodbye.


This week's results, the last before the end of this half term are as follows:

4th Pearsall with 648

3rd Baird with 689

2nd Webster with 698

1st with 704 is......RUSKIN

Next half term might make all the difference with the upcoming Sports days and Oakfield's Got Talent Show. Make sure you use this half term to get practising!

Good Luck everyone!


George A (Year 3) - Adventure Story

Have a wonderful half-term everyone!


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