GMO Project By:Landon Deweese

My GMO: Corn

Gmo corn is created for a variety of reasons. Some of the more popular ones are for insect resistance, weather resistance, and amount of production. Some of the genes added are Cry1Ab, dmEPSPS, Vip3a, mCry3a, and eCry3.1Ab.

Farmers combined the positive traits from plants and animals to make the corn stronger and bigger. There is no official creator of corn GMOs but many farmers came up with the idea many years ago to help their crop production.

Pros: Stay fresh longer, Resist harsh conditions, grows faster for more crop production

Cons: Farmers have the right to use chemicals to kill weeds, There is no rule that the food has to say what all is in it, no one knows what the GMO food will do to you in the long run.

I think GMOs are a very important part of this country. The GMOs allow the companies to produce enough food for our country and allow the food to last longer so people don't have to eat the food they buy in two days. The companies could make some adjustments that I think need changing. I think the company should have to put on the package what is added into the food so people know what they are eating. Also I think scientists should research what the long term affect of eating GMO food is so people know what could happen to then while eating genetically modified food.


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